A Parent’s Guide To Age Ratings For Video Games

A Parent’s Guide To Age Ratings For Video Games

Although most parents are wary about letting their children watch films which carry adult age ratings, the same doesn’t seem true when it comes to video games. One study done on this matter claimed that 90% of parents don’t check a game’s rating before allowing their children to buy a game.

While this can be, of course, a matter of personal choice for parents; it seems that for most parents there is a lack of knowledge about video game ratings. Here is some information about video game ratings to help parents make informed choices when buying video games for their children.


The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) was formed in 1994 to provide ratings for video games in the United States and Canada. The formation of the ESRB was the eventual result of a call from the US government for the video game industry to create a self-governing body for video game content ratings, or else the government would form one itself. The ESRB now rates virtually all video game releases in the US and Canada.

Rating Categories

There are several different ratings given by the ESRB depending on the content of a game. Games are awarded one of these ratings depending on a number of content criteria, such as Mild Language, Crude Humor, Intense Violence etc.

  • EC: Early Childhood
  • E: Everyone)
  • E10+: Everyone 10+
  • T: Teen
  • M: Mature 17+
  • AO: Adults Only

Are All Games Rated?

It is not a legal requirement for a game to be submitted for rating by the ESRB. However, the overwhelming majority of games are submitted for rating. The major console manufacturers (Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft) do not allow any games to be released on their systems without an ESRB rating, and some retail outlets will also not stock games that do not have a rating. This makes it preferable for most games publishers to obtain an ESRB rating.

How To Tell What Rating A Game Has

Any game with an ESRB rating will clearly display the rating on its packaging. Look out for a small box containing one of the following rating symbols: EC, E, E10+, T, M or AO. If you are concerned about the content of a game, visit the ESRB website where information on the content of all rated games is listed.

If you have bought a video game for your child and feel unhappy about the rating which it was given, you can contact the ESRB directly. Complaints are taken seriously, and if a game is discovered to contain content not suitable for the rating it was given, the game’s publisher can face serious repercussions.

A Beginner’s Guide To NERF Toys

A Beginner’s Guide To NERF Toys

Hasbro’s line of NERF toys has grown over the years, but still maintains it’s cool design and has even stepped into the 21st century with NERF apps, videos, games, and online content. Here is a beginner’s guide to NERF toys.

A Beginner’s Guide To NERF Toys

NERF Toys For Older Children

Nerf Super Soaker Breach BlastNerf Super Soaker Breach BlastNerf Sports Dude Perfect Signature BowNerf Sports Dude Perfect Signature Bow

Super Soakers: These aren’t just squirt guns that shoot a drizzle of water, these really do get you super soaked! These started out as water guns with a large reservoir and hand pump action that made the stream come out faster and reach longer distances. Now, these battery powered guns come with separate water clips and you never have to worry about pumping or losing pressure.

NERF Guns/Bows And Arrows: The NERF gun collection has something for everyone. They have pistol sized guns that shoot foam darts, discs or balls, bazooka-sized guns and every size in between. You can also buy extra ammo and ammo holders in the form of vests, clips, slings bags and boxes. For more accuracy, targets are also sold separately. NERF also has a small line of archery sets, complete with NERF arrows.

NERF Toys For Younger Kids

Nerf Pro Shop Mini Sports PackNerf Pro Shop Mini Sports PackNerf Sports Aero Howler Football, GreenNerf Sports Aero Howler Football, GreenNerf Sports Nerfoop Jump ShotNerf Sports Nerfoop Jump Shot

NERF Sports: Younger children always want to join the “big kids” when playing sports. Fortunately, NERF footballs and basketballs are made of a softer material that is easier to catch and a lot less painful when receiving a throw to the face.

NERF Accessories

Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade KitNerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade KitKids Tactical Waist Bag and Dart Wrister Kit for Nerf Guns N-strike Elite Series BlasterKids Tactical Waist Bag and Dart Wrister Kit for Nerf Guns N-strike Elite Series Blaster200 Nerf N Strike Blaster Compatible dart bullets200 Nerf N Strike Blaster Compatible dart bullets

Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade KitUpgrade your blaster for covert operations with the Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit! The kit includes a Red Dot Sight and a Proximity Barrel for precision targeting and a Pivot Grip for a steadier shot. For the ultimate in undercover accuracy, you’ll want to upgrade stat with the Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit!

Kids Tactical Waist Bag and Dart Wrister KitThis waist-bag and wrister guns pack features the look of a common waist pack, able to safely hold your toy gun when you are on the move.

Extra Dart Bullets: You can never have too many dart bullets on hand!