Travel and Learn with Lakeshore Learning Toys

Travel and Learn with Lakeshore Learning Toys


Traveling with toddlers is a feat and a half. Keeping them entertained can be a challenge, especially when you strive to disconnect and have an educational value at the same time. A brand that we absolutely love because they are educational and are an amazing quality and value is Lakeshore Learning.

Lakeshore Learning is an incredible educational learning brand with 60 stores nationwide. We love that there is one in Cherry Hill, NJ (near us – in fact 2 minutes from Billy’s work & Abby’s daycare) and a store in King of Prussia (near Stephanie).

Plus, the convenience factor that all of their products are available online 24/7.

Traveling Toys for Toddlers

Since Abigail was really little we’ve always taken road trips with her, we’ve even driven all the way to Hilton Head Island. Entertaining a little one while traveling can be daunting, in fact, on the way home from Hilton Head, it was completely horrific.

Our Top Picks

Some of our favorites that she uses today are the following from Lakeshore Learning!

·         Peek-A-Boo Octopus – Makes a perfect road trip buddy

·         Touch & Learn Picture Card Library – Perfect road trip game

·         All About Me! Personalized Photo Book – A perfect keepsake

 Peek-A-Boo Octopus

Peek-A-Boo Octopus is a perfect car buddy. Not only does Abby play peek-a-boo with it, but it’s a snuggly and she can often be found snoozing with her special car buddy. She loves talking to us about the different colors.

Touch & Learn Picture Cards

Her next favorite travel toy is the Touch & Learn Picture Cards. She loves that she can tell us what is on each of the cards, and we love that the topics also trigger additional conversation with her. This collection includes topics of “Things I Wear”, “Animals I See”, “In the Park”, “At The Beach”, and “Things at Home”.

Each of the cards are high-quality sturdy cards that have a fun-to-touch picture on the front with the name of the object, then on the back of the card (seen above) are fun questions and prompts to help build their language skills as they feel & explore each card.

All About Me! Personalized Photo Book



Our next favorite is the All About Me! Personalized Photo Book. This actually stays in her backpack that she takes to daycare, in case she misses any of her family she has it with her and she can see us. We love how colorful and easy to personalize the photo book is.

It is a soft-sewn book holds up to nine 4″ x 6″ photos…and comes complete with labels to identify Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and more. Personalized 8″ album has your child’s name on the cover…plus soft, extra-thick pages that are super-easy for tots to turn!

To find your nearest Lakeshore Learning visit them online. You can even visit their Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, and find some fantastic educational ideas on their Pinterest Boards.