There’s a new game on the block making waves at the November 2016 Chicago Toy & Game, Build or BOOM! We had the opportunity to take a sneak peek at this fast paced game and it was an instant hit! Check out our video below.

Build or BOOM • $29.99 • Ages 4+

Stack, stack, boom! This construction-themed game has a big boss looking for the best builders in town. Step in line and see who can be the first to bring the blueprint cards to life. Build your structure carefully but quickly on your platform. If you are the best, then smash your boomer to send your opponents’ structure tumbling. This is block stacking and then blocksploding. Kid versus kid and mom versus dad – it’s the fun, quick game for all ages. Each game includes over 40 unique building blocks, 30 cards with 3 levels of difficulty, boomers, platforms and of course, fun!

How to Play Build or BOOM

The rules for a round of play are simple: draw an illustrated blueprint card and then build exactly what you see, as fast as you can. Your opponent will be doing the same thing.

Build or BOOM includes 40 building blocks that take the shape of archways, construction cones, 2x4s, I-beams, barrels, stone squares and of course, the foreman.

Players build each structure accurately but quickly on the platform that rests on a pillow of air. If you finish first, you get the pride and privilege of smashing your opponent’s not-quite-finished tower.

Build or BOOM will be hitting stores in March 2017 or you can grab it on Amazon NOW!