New from Toca Boca – Toca Life: Hospital

New from Toca Boca – Toca Life: Hospital

Toca Boca, the No. 1 mobile-first kids brand in the App Store, released the latest in its award-winning Toca Life app series, Toca Life: Hospital!

Whether kids are welcoming a new sibling, visiting a grandparent, know a friend or classmate who is sick, or have to go to a doctor’s appointment with their parents, hospitals are part of everyday life. True to Toca Boca’s mission of empowering kids with realistic, open-ended play experiences, Toca Life: Hospital puts kids in control of every aspect of the hospital experience and introduces these important concepts in a positive and fun way.

They’ll get to explore the operating room, visit the maternity unit, discover the secret lab, stop by the waiting room, or grab a snack at the café. Toca Life: Hospital gives kids unlimited space to discover the happenings of a busy medical center at their own pace, helping to increase their comfort level around hospitals. Most importantly, the app provides an opportunity for parents to have an open conversation with their kids surrounding similar experiences.

Some other highlights of Toca Life: Hospital include:

  • Using tools you’d find in a real-life hospital: gurneys, bandages, crutches, hospital beds, wheelchairs and more
  • Moving characters from floor to floor in the big elevator
  • Checking surgery patients’ vitals on the medical monitor
  • Encountering medicine to cure sick children
  • Ultrasound, CAT scan and X-ray machines to diagnose patients
  • A doctor who can help treat your patient
  • A farewell room where loved ones peacefully pass
  • An array of music selections that kids can choose from to set the tone of their own hospital stories

As with all Toca Boca apps, Toca Life: Hospital features a kid-friendly interface with no in-app purchases or third-party advertising, free of rules, levels or high scores. Toca Life: Hospital is available for $2.99 on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

Roblox Offline Play from Jazwares

Roblox Offline Play from Jazwares

Roblox is the largest social platform for play that allows kids to imagine, create, and play together in immersive 3D worlds. Over 22 million user-generated online games have been produced on the Roblox platform with over 48 million players visiting Roblox every month to create adventures, play games, roleplay, and learn with friends in a family-friendly environment. Roblox is accessible on all modern smartphones, tablets, desktops, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, and other popular VR platforms. Roblox – Powering Imagination.

Jazwares has brought enormous off-line play value to the world of Roblox with an all new toy line to be released in 2017. Every figure and play set is fully functional and comes equipped with a code that will unlock one related item online,redeemed through

Ready to start collecting Roblox?


Mystery Figures

Did you know? The world of Roblox is coming to life with collectible fan-favorite characters. Ranging in levels of rarity, fans are able to collect all 24 mysterious figures. Be warned: one mystery, double the fun!


Single Figures

Roblox Lord Umberhallow Action Figure Pack Series 1 with Exclusive Virtual ItemRoblox Lord Umberhallow Action Figure Pack PREORDER NOW!

Calling all virtual explorers! Weave your own tale and lead your own adventures with the Roblox single figures. Characters include Mr. Bling Bling – with this gold suit and flashy smile, Matt Dusek – master wizard and Lord Umberhallow – the ultimate trickster masked in darkness.




Roblox Pizza Place Game Packs

Roblox Work at a Pizza Place PlaysetRoblox Work at a Pizza Place PlaysetPREORDER NOW!

Ding, dong – the pizza’s here! Start your own pizza place with this this tasteful set. Roblox Pizza Place Game Packs comes equipped with 2 figures, a delivery scooter and pizza boxes. Please note: parts not edible.




Roblox High School Game Packs
Roblox High School Playset Series 1 with Exclusive Virtual ItemRoblox High School Playset Series 1 with Exclusive Virtual ItemPREORDER NOW!

Geeks, Jocks and Prom Queens welcome… there’s no homework required at Roblox High! Roblox High School Game Packs includes 2 figures, lockers, skateboards and interchangeable hats. Live the Highschool dream and be who you want to be at Roblox High.




Champions of Roblox 6-Figure Pack
Champions of Roblox Playset Series 1 with Exclusive Virtual ItemChampions of Roblox Playset Series 1 with Exclusive Virtual ItemPREORDER NOW!

The catastrophic Korblox war against the Redcliff Kingdom rages on. Gather your forces and prepare for battle. Game pack includes 6 exclusive figures. 6 Bonus Rare Accessories.

Have you heard of Your kids have!

Have you heard of Your kids have!

With over 150 million downloads to date and 120 million game plays per day, fans are clamoring to get their hands on the new toys and collectibles line coming spring 2017 from Bonkers Toys. And guess what? We got our hands on them at Toy Fair 2017!

Kids, collectors and Slither “super-fans” are clamoring to get their hands on the toys that will leverage the constant color-changing Slither. The Blind Bags will be available at retail in March, shortly followed by a full line including plush, collector vinyl figures, backpack clips, and more.

So let’s take a look at these Slithers!

Bendable Blind Bag Figures

A collector’s dream with the first assortment offering 15 different colored Slithers, including a super rare skin to enhance collectability.



Bendable 3-Pack 

Can’t get enough of The 3-Pack is for you! Featuring one mystery Slither along with two already showing their true colors.



Blind Box Plush with Backpack Clip

Loaded with personality and portability, these colorful and highly collectible Slithers have fans clamoring to collect them all. There are 15 assorted Blind Box Plush with Backpack Clip to collect!



24″ Bendable Plush

What’s the best way to make your Slither larger than life? The large plush is soft and oh-so bendable, too. The 24″ bendable plush comes in 6 assorted colors and styles.



Small Plush

The 8″ plush are cute and cuddly Slithers that both kids and collectors will adore. Featuring fan-favorite colors from the game, they are available in 8 styles.



Vinyl Figures

These stylized figures are the sure fire way to show you are a super fan! They feature 6 of the most popular Slithers.



Be sure to follow along Slither’s adventures on Instagram!


Make Bedtime Easier With Zoonicorns

Make Bedtime Easier With Zoonicorns

Do you have a kiddo that fights you to go to bed because they don’t want to miss a thing? Me too. But there’s something that can help us all out. Put their minds at ease with the Zoonicorn friends, who will meet them in dreamland for all kinds of fun. Zoonicorns come as loveable stuffed animals that your child can play with, and with their free app, your child can be connected into their land with even more adventures.

Make Bedtime Easier With Zoonicorns

Promithea ZoonicornPromithea ZoonicornAliel ZoonicornAliel ZoonicornValeo ZoonicornValeo ZoonicornEne ZoonicornEne Zoonicorn

Send your little one straight to sleep with the magical world of Zoonicorns. In this dream-filled digital app, your kiddo can connect with the mystical Zoonicorn – part zebra, part unicorn – to go on countless adventures where they learn valuable lessons in friendship, kindness and compassion. Then, when it’s time for their head to hit the pillow, they can snuggle with their Zoonicorn stuffy and know they’re off to dreamland to meet the Zoonicorn friends.

Zoonicorn began with the idea to create a unique, plush toy for children that would be educational for kids and entertaining for adults. With a collection of four adorable characters, the Zoonicorns have expanded their universe through interactive journeys in their new, FREE app. With these enchanting creatures, your imaginative child can feel connected to a whole new set of loveable, unique best friends.

Explore the unlimited escapades your little one can experience:

  • Aliel’s Hidden Object: Help Aliel find all the hidden objects located within the picture in a race against the clock! This fun, exciting game is great for all ages.
  • Valeo’s Adventure: Valeo needs your help! Adventure through the world of dreams while collecting stars and avoiding dangerous creatures in this creative, challenging romp for players of every skill level.
  • The Tag Along: Come along on another exciting interactive story with the Zoonicorns! After being left by her brother, Mia the fisher befriends the magical pals and goes on the journey of a lifetime. Together, they learn to face their fears and how to deal with growing up and developing relationships.
  • Friends Through the Storm: In this fun feat, the Zoonicorns meet Jomi, a red panda who is terrified of an upcoming thunderstorm. Watch as your kiddo learns to conquer his or her own fears through the educational journey in this adventurous app.

Promithea ZoonicornPromithea ZoonicornAliel ZoonicornAliel ZoonicornValeo ZoonicornValeo ZoonicornEne ZoonicornEne Zoonicorn

What are you waiting for? Zoonicorn helps your child to get some shut eye by making bedtime fun! Instead of fighting sleep, they’ll look forward to meeting their new Zoonicorn friends in dreamland.

Zoonicorns kid-friendly apps can be used on both Android and IOS and are available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. The plush Zoonicorn animals are available through Amazon, as well as