Morph: Shape Sifting Fluff!

Morph: Shape Sifting Fluff!

It’s the shape sifting fluff that does all the stuff!

Morph creates a completely customizable play experience by combining everything amazing about other sands and doughs in one unique material. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, Morph is so light and fluffy! And? The more you play with it, the more it fluffs up! It’s the all-in-one shape shifting sensation that literally does everything.

Float It! Bounce It! Print It! Shape It! Fluff It! Morph It!

I will be the first to admit that when my kids ask us to play with other sands and doughs, I usually say no. It’s messy. They are bored with it after about 5 minutes. And did I mention it’s messy?

So when we were sent some Morph to try, I was a little hesitant. But when you have two boys stuck inside on cold days, you break down and let them play with it.

And I was shocked! Morph is not messy. It doesn’t get all over the place. And it kept them playing longer than 5 minutes. A total win my book! You can combine different colors and they will not mix. Yes, they don’t mix. And when you are done creating, just squish it and start over.

Ready for another amazing fact about Morph? You can clean it! Put your Morph in water and wrings it out. Now you don’t have to worry about letting your child play with Morph on a sick day. You can simply clean any germs away.

And honestly, I find myself wanting to play with Morph too! It’s a great stress reliever, or even a fidget toy to keep at your desk! I guess I’m gonna have to grab some more at the store so we don’t have to share.

Morph is available in six different colors: purple, green, yellow, pink, blue, and orange. And I think the best thing about Morph hands down is that it never dries out. So if you have a little one who forgets to put their Morph away, you can rest assure that it will still be its fluffy, stretchy self!

5 Types Of Toys That Encourage Creative Play

5 Types Of Toys That Encourage Creative Play

Creativity is a trait that lies within every child, but there are certain activities that can help bring that creativity out. As a parent, you can engage your child’s creative side by providing the tools to do so in the form of certain toys.

If you need ideas, here are 5 Types Of Toys That Encourage Creative Play!

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Crayola Inspiration Art CaseCrayola Inspiration Art CaseALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing KitALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing KitMelissa & Doug Wooden Building BlocksMelissa & Doug Wooden Building BlocksMelissa & Doug Band-in-a-BoxMelissa & Doug Band-in-a-BoxKidKraft Uptown Espresso KitchenKidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen


Crayola Inspiration Art Case
These days a variety of art kits, like the Crayola Inspiration Art Case, can be purchased from basic sets that include crayons and a notebook to complete sets with crayons, color pencils, watercolors and so on. Art kits are a great gift to offer to a child who is in preschool or older. If you don’t have a big budget, just getting your child their own set of papers or a notebook, together with a box of crayons or color pencils should do the trick.

ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit
If you feel drawings and paintings don’t do enough, why not encourage your children to make something? You can buy craft sets in just about any type, from origami to friendship bracelets to old-fashioned crafts like knitting and sewing. Of course, ready-made sets aren’t the only option. Sometimes kids get most creative when armed with just a few basic tools, and given random household scraps to create from. This can include old toilet paper tubes, scrap paper, old flower pots and more.

Wooden Building Blocks
These toys are as simple as it gets, but they are very good at stirring up your child’s creativity! Building blocks encourage your children to come up with different structures and put their hands to work.




Musical Instruments
Music is a great tool to inspire creativity, so getting your child an instrument, even if it’s a toy version, is a good form of encouragement. Toy xylophones, flutes, harmoniums and maracas on are simple instruments that your child can experiment with before moving on to bigger instruments like the guitar or drums.

Pretend Play Accessories
Toys like miniature kitchens, a small blackboard, or a toy medical kit are great things to offer a child, as they drive them to engage in pretend play and let their imaginations run wild. When they pretend to be a doctor, teacher, chef and so on, it develops their creativity in drama and role-playing.



Developing your child’s creativity is important as creativity is an integral part of social, educational and career progress when your child grows older. So push your child to become more creative by offering them the toys above!

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Crayola Inspiration Art CaseCrayola Inspiration Art CaseALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing KitALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing KitMelissa & Doug Wooden Building BlocksMelissa & Doug Wooden Building BlocksMelissa & Doug Band-in-a-BoxMelissa & Doug Band-in-a-BoxKidKraft Uptown Espresso KitchenKidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen


Toy Fair 2016 Trends: Ultimate Creator

Toy Fair 2016 Trends: Ultimate Creator

There’s no denying that kids love to create! So it’s not a surprise that toy companies are catering to these needs. From stop-motion technology and videography sets to food and baking sets to jewelry making and building sets, creating was a huge trend at Toy Fair 2016.

These toys and crafts teach children to skillfully cook, design, build, grow, and create physical and digital masterpieces that they can proudly share with family and friends. Many will teach techniques and skills that can be applied throughout life,  including videography, sewing, laser cutting, embroidery, and more.

Toy Fair 2016 Trends: Ultimate Creator

Wonderhood Toys

Wonderhood Toys is the producer of open-ended building systems to engage girls in STEM with two building sets.  The Grand Hotel (seen above) is a deluxe building set complete with a working elevator system, two sets of stairs and beautifully illustrated design panels. The Corner Shops set allows girls to create their own storefront shops using the themed design panels, a set of stairs and one figurine.  All of the modular parts are interchangeable across sets, allowing users to create even larger structures. The first two Wonderhood building sets will hit stores in Summer, 2016.

Mattel ThingMaker

ThingMaker is a $300 3D Printer that enables children to print their own toys at home by using a 3D printing app. Kids can make an entire doll or action figure (which takes about 11 hours to create) or smaller items like a bracelet or helmet (which takes about 30 minutes). Coming Fall 2016.


Stik Bots are the world’s first social media sharing toy, with the capacity to shape your imagination into endless possibilities. With StikBot’s ability to mimic human motion, StikBot can be whatever you want; from the mischievous little critter that loves to steal your candy, to the break-dancing phenomenon who can’t help but bust a move—The creativity starts with YOU.

TMNT Pizza Oven

For the first time ever, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ Pizza Oven from Wicked Cool Toys lets you create and bake your own Pizza, just like your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™! The TMNT Pizza Oven oven isn’t just a real working oven – It’s one of the best kid’s ovens in the marketplace! You can actually SEE the pizza baking with a real window. Kids can control the pizza in and out of the heating element with a kid-controlled slider. Preheats 4x faster than leading toy ovens. Make real pizza in just 15 minutes! The TMNT Pizza Oven comes with a mix to create awesome cheese pizza, a spatula, baking pan, and a measuring tool. Cowabunga!

Master Chef

The new MasterChef Junior Cooking Sets empower children of all cooking levels to improve their cooking skills and have fun in the kitchen with kid-safe cooking products! All 5 sets include REAL cooking tools with kid-safe, non-slip silicone grips, 3 unique recipe cards for all levels of experience (line cook, sous chef, and master chef), plus 1 blank recipe card to write your own recipe! Available exclusively at Walmart.

The Secret Life of Pets Crafts

Alex Brands has partnered with Universal Studios for the July 2016 animated movie release, The Secret Life of Pets®, which tells the adventures of two NYC dogs lost in the city. An array of crafts activities and novelty products will embody the movie’s characters, including Slinky Pets, Scra-fitti and Knot-a Pillow Max.

Kinetic Sand Build

Kinetic Sand Build is an allnew formula that holds its shape while kids play so they can mold and shape detailed end results. Kits include Bakery Boutique and Crash ‘Em Cars. Kinetic Sand Build will be available Spring 2016.