It came as no surprise that Hatchimals won Innovative Toy of the Year at this year’s TOTY Awards! You couldn’t find them anywhere during the holidays and kids are still begging for their very own Hatchimal!

And they are going to be asking for more once they see the new Hatchimals coming this year!

What are Hatchimals?

Hatchimals are magical and interactive creatures that embody the wonder of surprise. Children are the key to releasing the magic and it’s through their curiosity, care and nurturing touch that Hatchimals are brought to life. While the hatch is one special moment in time, the fun continues as children raise their Hatchimal from baby to toddler to full-grown Hatchimal, teaching it to walk, talk, play games and more.

What’s New for 2017?

Hatchimals Glitter

Who’s inside? It’s a surprise! Sparkly Pengualas and Shimmering Draggles are getting ready to hatch in homes this summer.Hailing from Glittering Garden, the newest Hatchimals are nestled inside speckled eggs that shimmer and feature twinkling wings and soft, sparkling fur. New sounds, songs and games are there for the hatching with HatchimalsTM Glitter!

Age: 5+
MSRP: $59.99 USD
Release Date: Summer 2017



Hatchimals Colleggtibles

Introducing Hatchimals Colleggtibles Hold! Hatch! Play! These adorable Hatchimals come inside small, speckled eggs and they need a child’s touch to hatch. Hold the egg, rub the heart and when it changes color from purple to pink, it’s ready to hatch. Gently crack the egg to discover the Hatchimal inside, each with a set of magical, glittery wings.

With over 70 Hatchimals Colleggtibles to collect in season one, finding the ultra-rare species is half the fun. A beautiful collector’s map introduces kids to their home with landmarks like the Giggle Grove, Lilac Lake, Fabula Forest and more. There’s so much to explore!

Hatchimals Colleggtibles 1 Pack
Age: 5+
MSRP: $2.99 USD
Release Date: Spring 2017




Hatchimals Colleggtibles 2 Pack + Nest
Age: 5+
MSRP: $4.99 USD
Release Date: Spring 2017






Hatchimals Colleggtibles 4 Pack + Bonus
Age: 5+
MSRP: $9.99 USD
Release Date: Spring 2017